Foam Wedge with Cover No Sling - CBWD 700

Foam Wedge with Cover No Sling - CBWD 700

  • $ 66.50

The Tucker Wedge is a wedge shaped mattress that allows you to easily and quickly elevate your baby. Because the Tucker Wedge fits not only in a standard crib but also in most "pack n' play" type products, the Tucker Wedge, when combined with the Tucker Sling for Wedge Mattress, is an easy, convenient way to keep your baby elevated and your hands and arms free. The degree of elevation is approximately 25 degrees.

Dimensions: 24" x 26" x 12"
Material: Soy-based Foam Wedge

Wedge Cover: Nylon Institutional Mattress Ticking
 - Flame Retardant
 - Bacteria Resistant
 - Stain Resistant
 - Anti-Static
 - Fluid Proof

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