CAUTION:     Obtain your doctor’s approval and carefully read all instructions before placing your baby in the sling. Consult with your doctor as to the preferred sleeping position (supine or prone) for your baby and the angle of the crib mattress. Make sure you have selected the correct size sling for your baby’s weight.



Securing Baby in the Sling


  1. Tucker Sling / Foam Wedge Combination: Slip the sling over the top (large end) of the foam wedge.

  2. Place baby into the sling and fold bottom panel of sling up between baby’s legs and onto baby’s torso.

  3. When properly fitted to your baby, there should be no looseness in the crotch and you should not be able to place your finger between the baby’s diaper and the bottom panel of the sling.

  4. Adjust for baby’s length: The double strip of Velcro on the bottom panel is used for baby’s torso length size adjustments. For shorter babies, fold the top Velcro strip under and use the bottom Velcro strip to secure the straps across the baby’s torso. (WARNING: As your baby grows in length and you consider adjusting the length of the sling by moving from the bottom Velcro strip to the top Velcro strip, use the bottom Velcro strip a little longer if any looseness exists in the crotch.)

  5. Secure side panels: Fold the side panels of the sling around the baby’s torso. Secure the side panels together with four (4) inch pieces of attached Velcro.

    1. Overlap the side panels to secure a snug fit around baby. (WARNING: Baby’s head may fall back and become stuck in a backward position unless sling is secured snug around baby’s torso.)
    2. Side panels should fit snug and fall directly under the baby’s armpit but should NOT rub against baby’s armpit. If a gap of one (1) inch exists below the baby’s armpit, a larger sling is needed.
    3. For babies weighing over ten (10) pounds, the safety buckle attached to the side panel should be used in addition to the Velcro.


Adjusting the Mattress


  1. Isolette and Bassinet Style Sling (Hospital use only) – (For under 2 to 7 pound babies only)
    1. Slip sling over the mattress and place the mattress into isolette or bassinet tray. The tray may then be inclined by using a safe and secure method to incline and elevate one end of the tray. (WARNING: Make sure mattress and tray are secured before placing baby in the sling).

  2. Standard Crib Type – (Use for small (6-16lbs.), medium (16-25 lbs.), large (25-30 lbs.), isolette (2-5 lbs), bassinet (3-7 lbs) babies).
    1. Make sure to use the correct size sling for your baby’s weight.
      b. Slip the sling over the raised end of the mattress.
    2. Elevate one end of the mattress to an angle recommended by your doctor. Use a safe and secure method to elevate one end of the mattress. (WARNING: The top of the mattress should be a safe distance from the top rail or headboard of an approved crib.)
    3. Once the mattress is securely elevated, the baby may then be placed in the sling. (WARNING: Make sure the mattress is secured before placing baby in sling).
    4. Follow steps 2 through 5 above in section titled “Securing Baby in the Sling”.

Care of Tucker Sling™
Wash the Tucker Sling in warm or cold water. Tumble dry on low heat. (NOTE: to prevent lint from collecting in the Velcro fasteners, it is important to fasten the Velcro strips together before placing the sling in the washer and dryer.)

Warning: Do not place Tucker Sling™/ Foam Wedge combination models SMWS-402 or SMWS-404 on elevated surfaces such as tables or kitchen, bath, or other counter tops, stairs and furniture. Do not place or use on soft or unstable surfaces such as sofas, couches, chairs and beds. Do not place or use near walls, furniture or other vertical surfaces. Do not use or place near open flames, heaters, stoves, ovens or similar devices. Do not place soft cushions, pillows, loose fitting sheets or other similar materials at or near baby’s face or in baby’s bed. Do not place toys or similar objects on baby’s bed, crib or mattress. Mattress sheets should fit snuggly. Only snug fitting sheets and a firm mattress should be in baby’s crib or sleep area. Do not leave baby unattended while in the Tucker sling™. Discontinue use of product when baby begins to crawl.

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