"Our 14 month old son was a full term baby at birth. When he was born had some problems with (his) breathing. He was always sick with something and having reflux really bad. He never slept through the night and everything we tried to do to incline him didn’t help. Earlier this month, he started seeing a pulmonologist and was diagnosed with GERD and DISPHAGIA (a swallowing Disorder) and REACTIVE AIRWAY. The (doctor) gave us 2 Tucker Slings for him to sleep in and for the last 3 weeks has finally started sleeping through the night. Even while he has been battling another upper respiratory infection, has slept through the night and made a big difference in his breathing. I wish someone had told us about this earlier. I am definitley going to recommend this product to all my friends with infants. It has helped so much since we got them!!!"
Kristian and Jim



"I have boy/girl twins that were born 7 weeks premature. When I was finally able to bring them home from the hospital, they cried a lot and wouldn't sleep through the night. My doctor and friends told me they were "colicky." After doing some research on the internet, I realized they were not "colicky" but had all the symptoms of acid reflux. They would wake up in the middle of the night screaming and their noses were always stuffy, etc. I did more research on the website and came across your website. Thank goodness I did!! I ordered two of your wedge/sling combos and put them in their crib. The first night I used them, they slept 7 hours straight! They've been doing great ever since! I have attached a picture to show you how you can fit two of the wedge/sling combos in a crib comfortably and to show you how well my babies sleep with them now. I just wish I had found out about The Tucker Sling® before they were three months old!
Thank you,"
Huntington Beach, CA



"I can't believe it. Since day one my baby has slept better in The Sling."
San Diego, CA



"… Thank you so much for The Tucker Sling®. It's wonderful! Everyone who sees it thinks it's the best idea ever. I feel so much safer leaving him to sleep on his back when he's snuggled in The Sling. You were so wonderful to bring it to me…"
New Orleans, LA



"I have found this product to be very useful in dealing with babies with gastro-esophageal reflux and prefer it over the medication approach."
Dr. Jerry
Peachtree, GA



"The Sling has been wonderful. It has made a significant difference in David's life."
Brooklyn, NY



"It works great!"
Marrieta, GA



"I am very pleased with this device and feel it will have a number of uses for positioning infants in an upright position, such as infants with chronic lung as well as prematures with bronchopulmonary dysplasia, etc."
Dr. D.L.
New Orleans, LA



"It is a perfect fit with room to grow and Rachel is sleeping in it very well."
Kely & Jack
Plano, TX



"The sling is perfect. Thank you very much."



"For the first 3 weeks upon returning home from the hospital with our newborn daughter, she cried hysterically anytime we placed her on her back in her bassinette. She would not sleep unless I held her against my chest in an incline position. So at night I would prop myself up on pillows and hold her through the night so she would sleep. A friend told me about The Tucker Sling. We got one and placed our daughter on it at 5 weeks of age, and she slept through the night from that point on. It is AMAZING!!! "
Thanks you!!
Yvette K.
Charlotte, NC



"My daughter was a preemie (30 weeks) and had a severe case of GERD. Your Sling was THE thing that helped us put her on her back for sleeping. I can't thank you enough! For anyone with a preemie or full-term baby with reflux, this is a lifesaver!"
Springfield, VA



"We love the tucker sling & wedge. My wife and I have spent hundreds of dollars on gadgets, trying to help our sons reflux problems. tucker wedge/sling is the best. we are considering a purchase of a second combo to leave at our babysitters house."
Darren C, Kentucky