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Flame Retardant - Bacteria Resistant - Stain Resistant - Anti-Static - Fluid Proof



Is it infant colic or infant acid reflux disease?
Be sure to ask your doctor.

Does your newborn baby seem to cry too much?

Or does your newborn infant seem to spit up or
vomit too often?

Is your baby not sleeping enough?

Does your infant baby have feeding problems?

Does your newborn infant seem to have a chest-cold,
head-cold or flu-like symptoms?

Does your newborn baby have infant colic or a
combination of these symptoms?

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For use in hospitals and at home, The Tucker Sling® was developed with safety, comfort, and easy access in mind. A variety of sizes are available to accommodate babies weighing from under 2 pounds up to 30 pounds. Special orders are available upon request.

The Tucker Sling® keeps babies secure. The Sling fits around the elevated upper part of the mattress like a contour sheet. A diaper-shaped sections fits between baby's legs and fastens around the waist with Velcro®. The Tucker Sling® fits baby comfortably and adjusts for his/her growth. A buckle on the crib or youth-bed style reinforces the Velcro fasteners. Because The Tucker Sling® is so easy to use, nurses and parents can quickly attend to baby.
The Tucker Sling® is used in hundreds of major hospitals throughout the United States.

Ralph Franceschini, M.D., pediatrician at The Kaiser Foundation Hospital-Sunset, Los Angeles, California uses The Tucker Sling ® for all babies with reflux and other illnesses that require positioning.


Douglas LaGarde, M.D., pediatric gastroenterologist at Tulane University Hospital and clinic in New Orleans, Louisiana remarks:

"I have found The Tucker Sling® to be very user friendly. There have been no problems with babies falling out or getting tangled. Moms are pleased and the price is right."

"Half the cost of other treatments"

More information can be found at the following websites:

PAGER has lots of useful information for parents of babies with acid reflux.
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The American Academy of Pediatrics has updated their opinion on the positioning of babies.
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NOTE: All products are non-returnable and for single patient use only. Check with your physician as to their suggested positioning of your child: PRONE, SUPINE or LATERAL