Ultimate Combo - UMWS (403, 402, 404)

Ultimate Combo - UMWS (403, 402, 404)

  • $ 179.00

Prone - Supine - Lateral Positioning... You Decide!!!

The Tucker Sling and Foam Wedge Combination is our best selling item. The Foam Wedge fits easily in a standard crib, just place it on top of your baby's mattress. It also fits in most "pack n' play" type products, so your baby can be comfortably elevated wherever you are.

The Tucker Sling and Foam Wedge Combination is available with three different size slings and is suitable for infants ranging from 3lbs up to 24lbs.

The Ultimate Combination includes the standard Tucker Sling and Wedge Combination in one of three sizes, plus three Fitted Sheets for Tucker Wedge and two Wet Proof Liner Pads so you never have to coordinate laundry with nap time!

With the Ultimate Combination you also have the option to purchase an additional Tucker Sling at a reduced price--choose either the same size or the next size up to be prepared as your baby grows.

Material: Quilted

Wedge Cover: Nylon Institutional Mattress Ticking
 - Flame Retardant
 - Bacteria Resistant
 - Stain Resistant
 - Anti-Static
 - Fluid Proof

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