"Super-Soothing" Sleep Sounds CD

"Super-Soothing" Sleep Sounds CD

  • $ 9.99

Finally, there is a way to help babies sleep better! And, it works the very first night you use it!

Parents are usually shocked to learn that the womb is a very noisy place. Inside, babies hear a constant whoosh of blood pulsing through the placenta. Amazingly, this rough rhythm is as loud as a vacuum cleaner. Most parents think babies need total quiet all night, but a strong womb sound is the perfect way to activate the extraordinary Calming Reflex (the “off-switch” for crying and “on-switch” for sleep that all babies are born with).

That’s why Dr. Karp created a CD of “super-soothing” sounds that has helped tens of thousands of parents, from working moms to superstars like Madonna and Michelle Pfeiffer. And now, Dr. Karp’s fully updated “Super-Soothing” Sleep Sounds CD is available!

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